Youth Soccer Program Serving players from Chaffee county Colorado and the surounding regions.

Sponsored By:   Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort
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7v7 Adult Soccer League

8 Week Season, Dates to be determined for Summer 2022. Check back for details soon!

Fees: $300 per team. 

Roster Size: minimum 9, Maximum 12

8 Team Maximum.

Email Aaron Dobson with any questions!


General Rules:

Each team will field 6 outfield players and 1 goal keeper

Players are allowed to be of either gender. This is labeled a co-ed rec league. Both Men and Women are required. A minimum of one Male and one Female player must be on the field at all times. Female Players have traditionally been the smaller numbers, and as such can serve as guest players on additional teams in time of need.

Field size will be 50 yds x 60yds.

Goal size will be: Standard sized goals

All game rules, unless specified in this document, will be in accordance with FIFA, international governing body of soccer


Player Requirements:

Players must be 18 years old or older. 

Teams will fill out the roster, and pay all fees prior to the first scheduled game.

Players must fill out an individual waiver of liability form. 


Play Rules:

Games will consist of two 25 minute halves. Halftime will consist of 5 minutes. Clock will run nonstop.

Games will be self officiated. Research has shown that sportsmanship is increased when players are asked to call their own fouls. You know when you have touched the ball with your hand, or when you have fouled another player.  Simply raise your hand and signal that you have committed a foul.

Play will resume with a free kick by the opposing team. 

Teams must have at least 5 field players including a keeper to begin. Late arrivals will be allowed to sub in when ready.

Substitutes will be allowed in any “dead ball” situation, except for opposing free kicks. Substitutions will be unlimited. No “On the Fly” substitutions.

Players must wear matching colored shirts

FIFA Authorized footwear is required. NO METAL CLEATS will be allowed.

Shin guards are strongly recommended.

This is an adult CO-ed recreation league. Physical play is allowed, but aggressive play or behavior will not be tolerated. Absolutely NO slide tackling.  Play on the ground will be judged for a foul.

Players not adhering to these rules and who are negatively effecting the "recreational" spirit of the league will receive one warning. A second offense will result in suspension from the league indefinitely.

All Free Kicks are Direct. Any ball that goes over the Touch Lines will be played in with an indirect kick in. Ball must be stationary. Any ball that travels over the End Lines will result in a Goal kick or a Corner Kick. Corner Kicks are to be played the same as in a Full Side game. Free Kicks will be given a minimum of 5 yards by opposing players. Quick restarts are allowed.

Penalties inside the designated goal box. Will result in a penalty kick. 

10 yards from the goal line.

Goal Keepers are allowed to use hands inside the designated Goal Boxes.

Goal Keepers are not allowed to use their hands to handle the ball outside of said area.

Goal Keepers are not allowed to pick up balls directly played back by field players of the same team

Goal Keepers are allowed to kick, throw or punt to distribute the ball.

Goal Keepers are allowed to slide for oncoming balls into the Goal Box, as long as safety is taken into concern from all players.

There is no offsides rule.

Each player is expected to hold themselves in the highest accords with FIFA’s Fair play and Sportsmanship rules. Foul language, inappropriate gestures, violence, intentional dangerous play, and any other activities that violate the rule or spirit of the game, or the rules of of this league and/or the rules of its facilities will be subject to discipline, removal, suspension, and/or expulsion from the league.

Team captains will be responsible for reporting any negative or abusive behavior to league administrator. 


League System:

Games will be played on Monday nights and games will start at 5:30 pm.

All Wins will be worth 3 points, Ties will be worth 1, and Losses will be worth 0

The Winner will have most accumulated points at end of season. Tie will be broken by Goal Difference (Goals against Def second is goal for)

There will be a tournament at the end of the season for the teams that will

consist of a single/double elimination knockout tournament (based on the number of teams in

the league).

All scores are to be emailed to the league administrator following the games


Field Facility Rules:

All teams must make the care and maintenance of Buena Vista Riverside fields a top priority.  This league has been given special permission to use the facilities by the Buena Vista Recreational Department and Chaffee County United. Games may be canceled or rescheduled when conditions are such that the fields will become damaged due to use.

Game Fields will not be painted. They will be marked off by Cones. This allows for the rotation of the field through out the season. 

Setting up the fields will the responsibility of the 2 Home teams in early game.

Taking down the fields will be the responsibility of the 2 home team of the late games. Responsibilities will include cleaning up any left over trash. 

Proceeds from this league go to Chaffee County United to purchase new equipment and towards field maintenance.



Please email Aaron Dobson with any questions: